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Eat. Train. Run. The Cedars House is a cafe, running hub, and personal training center at the start of Forbidden Drive in Philadelphia's beautiful Fairmount Park.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Join Our Outdoor Community-Meet a Friend for a run, hike, bike . . .

The Cedars House is helping people connect in the park. Send an e-mail to with your interest (run, hike, walk, bike . . .), contact information, and availability and connect with one another in Fairmount Park!

Out & About in Fairmount Park
the Cedars House Community of Enthusiasts

Jen: Availability & Distance flexible. Generally loves to run 4-6 miles 3-4 x per week. 10 minute miles (9 minute miles on good days) and hoping to increase speed! Always up for a challenge. Prefers Wednesday & Fridays especially mornings & weekends.

Kerry: Average 10 minute miles for 3 miles. If running more frequent distance and speed may increase! Prefers weekdays between 9:30 & 1:30. Wednesdays are usually best, other days shift.

Leila: 1-mile runs (old athlete with some lower back pain) jogging pace.

Anne: Training for Odyssey Half Marathon. 9.5 - 10 minute pace. Loves to run in park. Weekdays during School hours. 5 mile runs, plus one longer during the week.

Marti: Flexible schedule. Prefers morning runs. Distances range from 2 miles (~8.5 min/mi) to 6 or more (~9.5 min/mi). A bit slower on trails.

Victor: I get on at Rittenhouse and run 4-10 miles. 9 minute easy pace, but because the heat is about to be turned all the way up, I use a heart rate monitor so its about a 10 minute mile. I run through the woods 4 days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday and I'll head out anytime between sunrise and 9 am.

Mary: 26-year old ex-collegiate runner who recently moved to Mt Airy with her husband. Typical availability during the week is between 6 and 7 in the am and after 6 pm- prefers evenings. Pcae ranges from 7:30 - 8:30 depending on the day and "how I'm feeling" and hoping to get down to 6:30 - 7 pace. Training for the Rock n' Roll Half marathon in September.

Kaye: Running Buddy Sought! Wed/Fri evenings 6:30/7, Sundays any time except early morning. 5-9 milrd Maybe trianing for September 1/2 marathon. Forbidden Drive, roads, trails all ok. Reasonably fast pace. Age: late 40s.

I am running a pace of 6:50- 7:30, distances anywhere from 5-12 miles right now. I'm tired of being on the treadmill and would love to have someone to meet up with in the early morning or evening.

Catherine: I am interested in finding a partner who could make early morning runs, especially as fall comes on. I am coming back from some calf issues at the moment, but in general was running 3-3.5 mi at a 14 min pace or so. I am want to try to keep it slow to avoid injuring myself....Planning to do runthebridge in November....and looking for a 5k before then.

Christine: following the rookie training for the 1/2 marathon. Can run 6 miles now- slower in the heat! Can run Thursday eves and other times!

Erin: Wants to train for a 1/2 marathon. Has run one in the past plus several 10-mile races but slowed down in past year. Right now can run 11 minute mile, 3 mile run. Looking for others to join!


Denine: 41 year old hiker. Loves to Walk to Philly or just a couple of miles each morning. Free to hike 7-10 miles each morning until summer.

Debby: Loves to take frequent walks in the park and would enjoy being part of a group.
Leila: Loves the outdoors!

Jane: Interested in walking 3.5/4 miles per hour. Typical distance is 3 miles. Would love to walk with others!

Linda: Interested in fast paced walks/hikes. Available after 4 on most weekdays and flexible on weekends!
Leila: Any Biking. Would love to join a group. C/D/F rider.

Sara: Wants to ride in groups for safety and social. Can ride from the Cedars House to Lincoln Drive or shorter distances are fine. No 0ff-trail riding. Weekends are best. Other times are Tuesdays (except during pick-up/drop-off), and late afternoon, early evenings.

Name: Greg
Interest: bike
Availability: Tuesday's, thursdays, and sundays all day

Mary: Novice rider looking for beginner's group as running is her primary sport. Can ride 20-30 miles!

For now, contact Ricki to get one another's contact information. We are working on an easier method! Cheers!

or Join one of these regularly scheduled runs:

Wissahickon Wanderers Trail Run: 4-5 miles. Starts at 6:30 pm at Valley Green Inn. For details call 215-849-9080 or visit

Shawmont Running Club: Starts at 8:00 am on Forbidden Drive @ Northwestern Avenue. Distances are at the discretion of runners. All levels welcome. emphasis is on fun!

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