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Eat. Train. Run. The Cedars House is a cafe, running hub, and personal training center at the start of Forbidden Drive in Philadelphia's beautiful Fairmount Park.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Schedule & Menu Specials this Week @ the Cedars House!

This week’s Menu @ the Cedars House
Mushroom & Artichoke Soup $2.25/$4.5
Quiche of the Day w/ field greens $6.95
Sandwiches $6.95
Grilled Veggie Wrap w/ Hummus & Goat Cheese;
Dilled Egg Salad w/ Lettuce & Tomato;
Roast Beef w/ Horseradish Mayo Chicken Salad w/ Grapes & Almonds;
Tunafish Salad w/ Lettuce & Tomato
Roast Turkey w/ Smoked Gouda
Dill Havarti & Hummus on Black Bread w/ Cucumber, Sprouts & Tomato
Kids Sandwich (pb & j, grilled cheese) w/ fruit or clif twist $3.75
the Cedars House Salad $4.50
(add any sandwich fixin’ +$2)
. . . add salad, soup or grains to any sandwich $1.5
Quinoa w/ pine nuts, goat cheese & charred peppers $2.75
Jenny's Homemade Granola with Milk/Yogurt $3/$4
add fruit $1.25
Fresh Fruit Salad $2.75
the Cedars House Smoothie: strawberry, blueberry, mango, banana, yogurt, white grape juice $4.75 (add power boost +$.75) try skim milk for fat free; or, soy or rice milk for dairy free! Breakfast Sandwich: Hard Boiled Egg on Toasted Whole Grain w/ Mayo & Mustard, Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato $4.25 (add ham! +.50)
Bagels, Croissants, Muffins, Butter, Cream Cheese & Nutella, Oatmeal, Clif Bars, sweets, Gelato & Sorbet, Cold & Hot Drinks . . .

Weekly Schedule @ the Cedars House
October 27th – October 31st
Monday & Tuesday(house closed)

Wednesday (7 am – 3 pm)
10:30 am Free Kids Story time

Thursday (8 am – 7:00 pm)
10 am Yoga with Amanda
6 pm Maintain! A Maintenance Class for New Runners

Friday (7 am – 3 pm)
7 am Yoga with Amanda

Saturday (7 am – 3 pm)
12-3 WEC’s Woodland Fairie Festival
8:30 am Yoga with Tonya

Sunday (8 am – 3 pm)- Happy Halloween!!
Good Luck to all of Gena’s Couch to 5kers- running their first 5k today!!
9 am Beyond the 5k! Training for the Turkey Trot

Yoga Schedule: Thursday @ 10 am, Thursday @ 6 pm, Friday @ 7 am, Saturday @ 8:30 am

Congratulations to the 8 winners of the Facebook Challenge. Come in and claim your free Yoga Class!
Don’t Forget to Ask about our great selection of kids crafts!
Try Massage w/Tracy!!
The Cedars House is available for Private Parties!!
Need a gift idea? How about a gift certificate to the Cedars House!
Teens on the Run & Yoga Beginner Series - Coming Soon!
Check our website for scheduling updates!

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