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Eat. Train. Run. The Cedars House is a cafe, running hub, and personal training center at the start of Forbidden Drive in Philadelphia's beautiful Fairmount Park.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Construction Begins!

The first Monday in April brought beautiful sunshine and a new beginning for the Cedars House!

Here is what we know about the history of the Cedars House website as per the Fairmount Park's website:
"This simple frame and stucco building was built in the late nineteenth century as a residence for the famous Andorra Nursery. Located along Forbidden Drive near Northwestern Avenue it helps tell the story of Andorra Nursery - a huge nursery operation that has since disappeared from the Wissahickon landscape."

Here is what we know about the future of the Cedars House:
It will bring new life and vibrancy to the entrance of Fairmount Park. Runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, diners, recreationalists (I think I made that one up!) will all soon be able to share its services!

Let's remember the past and celebrate the future of this quaint Fairmount Park property! Stop by and say 'hello' as we restore this historic gem!

Fitness tip for the moment: The sun is out and temperatures are rising. Don't forget to hydrate!

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